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Kathleen Perrott Wilson, ('78), PhD, CPNP, PNP-BC, FNP– BC, FAANP

Dr. Kathleen P. Wilson is a nationally certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) from Tallahassee, Florida where she practices as an endocrinology specialist. She is also a graduate faculty member of Walden University where she teaches in both DNP-PhD programs. She has held positions in research, administration with extensive experience in chronic disease prevention and management, and community program development. Her research focuses on risk behavior reduction, preventive health care modalities across the life span, and community participatory research. She has a sustained record of excellence in teaching, dissemination of evidence-based practice through scholarly publications and presentations, and service to the profession for more than three decades. She has been inducted as a Fellow into the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Kathleen has been an active member of the FSU College of Nursing (CON) Alumni Council since 2008 with efforts directed toward alumni recruitment and active participation in CON activities.   Additionally she has served as a member of the FSU College of Nursing Advancement Council since 2015 supporting the Dean on matters of recruitment and fundraising. She has been a regular supporter of the CON with special emphasis on the Simulation Lab.   Kathleen describes Florida State University (FSU) as a premier university that prepared her for a dynamic career in nursing through a program that was rigorous, competitive, and well respected. She is proud to be a “Nole Nurse”. 



Loretta Jackson Brown, (‘87), PhD, RN, CNN
Vice Chair

I am proud to be an FSU nurse graduate. I took the training, tools, and toughness that I gained from FSU and worked to live my best nurse life with each patient interaction, during each colleague conversation, and in each act of advocacy to policymakers. I am a nurse leader and I recognize my responsibility with creating opportunities for future nurses to awaken the leader in themselves. My story as an Air Force nurse, a public health nurse, and a member of a hospital board of directors provides me with a unique perspective that would be an asset to the FSUCON Alumni Networking Group. I describe FSU as the full experience in higher education. Most people are familiar with FSU football, I help them appreciate how well FSU develops its students through diverse, rich, and rewarding opportunities. Although I have travelled across the country during my career in the Air Force, I have supported the next generation of FSU nurses through financial contributions. I currently serve as a member of the Alumni Advisory Committee and shared my FSU nursing story for a college video. 



Carol McCormick, (’72) BSN, (’04) MSN

Carol received her BSN from the College of Nursing in 1972 and her MSN in 2014. She has served on the College of Nursing Alumni Advisory Committee for many years. In the past, she was an Adjunct Professor, Editor of the Alumni Newsletter, and assisted with the first Mentoring program at the College of Nursing. Carol worked in child health for state government and nonprofit agencies during most of her career. Her professional duties included budgeting, program planning, evaluation and community service. She retired in 2016 and is now spending most of her time traveling and enjoying her condo on St. George Island. She remains connected to FSU, and is a member of the Alumni Association, the FSU Foundation, and Women for FSU. Carol believes FSU prepares students to excel in their chosen profession academically, socially, and spiritually. She says “it becomes a part of you and stays with you throughout your career and beyond”.


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