Student Policies


College of Nursing Student Policies
Policy Number Policy Name
S-1 Admission
S-2 Criminal Background Check

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

S-4 Clinical Clearance
S-5 Substance Abuse
S-6 Class Attendance
S-7 Directed Individual Study
S-8 Assignment of Incomplete Grade
S-9 Clinical Preceptors
S-10 Student Academic Honesty
S-11 Grade Appeals
S-12 Student Grievance
S-13 Removal of Students From Clinical Setting
S-14 Dismissal of Students from Nursing Major for Reasons Other than Poor Grades
U-1 Grading Policies
U-2 Honors
U-3 This policy has been retired and is no longer in effect.
U-4 Clinical Priority
U-5 Attire for Clinical Laboratory Experiences
U-6 Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan for Nursing Students
U-7 This policy has been retired and is no longer in effect.
U-8 Drug Math
U-9 Mid-Curricular Clinical Evaluation
U-10 Academic Testing Program
U-11 Student Attendance at SNA Conventions
U-12 Progression in Undergraduate Program
U-13 Readmission to Undergraduate Program
U-14 Late Drop
U-15 Required Professional Behaviors
M-1 Academic Progression in Graduate Program
M-2 Graduation Requirements – Graduate Program
M-3 Graduate Assistants
M-4 Transfer Graduate Credits
M-5 Project Guidelines for Designation of Major Professor (DNP Program)
Note: S = Polices for undergraduate and graduate students; U = policies for undergraduate students; M= policies for graduate students