Hye Jin Park, PhD, RN


PhD, University of Iowa
Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Informatics, University of Iowa


Research Program

Standardized nursing terminologies.

Evidence-based practice

eHealth and Health Literacy



Refereed Journal Articles

   Lee, E., & Park, H. (in press). Estimated direct nursing interventions' time to complete using Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) at Eight Hospitals in Korea. International Journal of Nursing Knowledge, 10 pages.

   Park, H., Cormier, E., Gorden, G., & Baeg, J. (2016). Identifying health consumers' eHealth Literacy to decrease disparities in accessing eHealth information. CIN, 34(2), 71-79.

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   Park, H., & Lee, E. (2015). Self-reported eHealth literacy among undergraduate nursing students in South Korea. Nurse Education Today (SSCI Journal, Impact Factor: 1.641), 35, 408-413. doi:http://dx.doi.o

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