James Whyte IV, ND, PhD, ARNP, FNAP


PhD, University of Leicester (UK)
ND, Case Western Reserve University
MSN, Clarkson College
BSN, University of South Carolina
AS, University of South Carolina at Aiken


Research Program

Nursing performance criteria in critical care settings in collaboration with the Center for Expert Performance Research (Link at http://www.lsi.fsu.edu/cepr/Projects/Projects.asp)

High risk sexual behaviors as they related to HIV disease

Experiences of Stigma amongst People Living with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS and Public Health

International Health

HIV Positive undocumented migrants and refugee's experiences in gaining health services


Select Publications

Rutledge,S., E., Whyte, J, Abell, N., Brown, K., M., Cesnales, N. (2011). Measuring

Stigma Among Health Care and Social Service Providers: The HIV/AIDS

Provider Stigma Inventory. AIDS PtCare & STDs, 25(11) 1-10. This paper

details the development and establishment of the psychometric properties of

the HIV/AIDS Provider Stigma Inventory.


Whyte, M. Whyte, J., Cormier, E., & Eccles, D.(2011). Factors influencing parental

decision making in familieswhere parents choose to deviate from the standard

pediatric immunization schedule. TheJournal of Community Health Nursing.


Lee, E., Nam, M., Park, H., & Whyte, J. (2011). Identification and Comparison of

Interventions Performed by Korean School Nurses and US School Nurses

using the NursingInterventions Classification. Journal ofSchool Nursing.

27(2) 93-101.


Hauber, R. P., Cormier, E., & Whyte, J. (2010). An Exploration of theRelationship

between Knowledge andPerformance- related Variables in High Fidelity

Simulation: designinginstruction that promotes expertise in practice.

Nursing Education Perspectives, 31(4), 242-246.


Cormier, E.,Hauber, R. & Whyte, J. (2010). Cognitions andClinical Performance: A

Comparisonof High and Low Performing Baccalaureate Nursing Students. The

International Journal of NursingEducation Scholarship, 7(1), Article 27.


Whyte, J.,Cormier, E., & Pickett-Hauber, R. (2010). Concurrent versus retrospective

verbal reporting in a simulated task environment: A methodologic examination.

International Journal of Nursing Studies, 47,466-451.


Whyte, J.,Hauber, R., Cormier, E., Grubbs, L. & Ward, P. (2010). Clinicaloutcome

measures in simulated task environments: Validation of the role of

physiological and cognitive measures in assessing nursing performance.

Applied Nursing Research, 23(1),e1.


Whyte, J., Ward,P., & Eccles, D. (2009). The relationship between knowledge and

clinical performance in novice and experienced critical care nurses: An

application of the Expert Performance Approach. Heart & Lung, 38(6),517-525.

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