The Legacy Project

Since 1950, more than 6,000 students have graduated from the College of Nursing. In order to preserve our rich history, the College of Nursing has established The Legacy Project.

Goals of The Legacy Project:
  • To ensure the preservation of historical objects related to the history of the College of Nursing.
  • Capturing memories of student life for nursing students at FSU over the decades.
  • Portray the evolution of nursing education at FSU in a chronological depiction of school experiences across the decades since the 1950s.
  • Recognizing the legacy of excellence earned by alumni and all who have contributed to the teaching-learning mission of the College.

Wall of History

As a reminder to alumni of where they've been and with whom they shared the journey, and as motivation for current and future nursing students of what they can accomplish, we display class year photographs and pictures of other historical and noteworthy events. The Wall of History is located on the second floor of Duxbury Hall.

Oral History Project

The College of Nursing's Oral History Project is designed to capture the history of the College through the reminiscences of our alumni, faculty and staff. The Oral History Project will allow us to capture reflections about events that were important, supplement them with artifacts donated by alumni and related source documents from the College of Nursing. The information and memorabilia collected will then be used as an alternative way of looking at our history, allowing us to put a human face on the events that have shaped the legacy of the College of Nursing. If you are interested in participating in the Oral History Project please contact Marilyn McGhee (; 850-644-5983) and include your name, your phone number, and the best time to call.


College of Nursing Special Collection

We are excited to announce that the College of Nursing Collection, 1948-2014, is now available! The College of Nursing Collection finding aid can be viewed on Archon, our Finding Aid Database, and selections from the collection have been digitized and are available on DigiNole.

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