Center for Population Sciences and Health Equity



We believe having quality health care is a human right! 

Since the dawn of organized human societies, people across space and time have tried various approaches to promote health and extend longevity by preventing early or untimely death. Throughout history, pandemics such as the Black Death and COVID-19 have shown us that having good health is more than the absence of illnesses. Macrosocial factors such as culture, mass media, economics, political systems, the environment, and migration all play a role in shaping the health of a nation and its citizens. To tackle these seemingly intractable problems requires collaborative methods that transcend “disciplinary boundaries.” The overarching mission of the Center for Population Sciences and Health Equity (C-PSHE) is to promote health equity and reduce health disparities among marginalized, underserved, and vulnerable populations. We will accomplish this by participating in community-engaged scientific and operational research and practices and employing the principles and tools of population science.


In times of uncertainty the guideposts for equitable health of a society needs to be based on scientific leadership coupled with vigorous research.  We aim to move that needle forward.


Mission Statement

To lead and implement community-engaged, scientific, operational research and practice using principles and tools of population sciences that promote health equity among marginalized, underserved, and vulnerable populations both nationally and internationally.



  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect
  • Transparency




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