Faculty Researchers


Laurie Abbott, PhD, Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Rural Health, Cardiovascular, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease Risk Reduction, Public Health, Nonpharmacological Intervention, Health Disparities.

Hyochol “Brian” Ahn, PhD, Associate Dean for Research and Professor
Research Areas: Pain, Dementia, Psychosocial Symptoms, Nonpharmacological Intervention, Brain Stimulation, Brain Imaging, Health disparities.

Jessica Bahorski, PhD, Assistant Professor
Research Areas: children, infant feeding practices, infant growth, breastfeeding, eating behaviors (in infants and young children), health disparities in maternal-child health, childhood obesity prevention.

Many Bamber, PhD, Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Mindfulness meditation, self-care measures, caregivers, children with special healthcare needs, caregiving effects on immunity and inflammation, and the use of technology to implement self-care measures.

Eileen Cormier, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Areas: e-health/mental health literacy, psychiatric care, deliberate practice, decision making, ADHD

Sabrina L. Dickey, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Areas: Prostate and Colorectal cancer screening and quality of life among minorities, Cancer and health communication, Intersectionality of SDOH and cancer screening, Vaccine hesitancy intervention, College student health, Health disparities

Lucinda J. Graven, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Areas: Cardiovascular and Chronic Disease, Heart Failure, Self-Management, Coping, Problem-Solving, Psychosocial Outcomes, Health Disparities (rural)

Geraldine Martorella, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Areas: pain, psychosocial risk factors, non-pharmacological intervention, mindfulness, CBT, CAM, self-management

Eugenia Millender, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Areas:  Stress, Trauma, Mood disorder, epigenetics, health disparities, socio-cultural determinants of health and the Intersectionality of ethnicity, race, gender, and mental disparities.  

Mia Newlin-Bradner, PhD, Assistant Professor 
Research Areas: Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, anemia in HF, heart failure in women, exercise, cardiovascular disease, chronic disease management and prevention, lifestyle medicine. 

Hye Jin Park, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Areas: mHealth, VR application, eHealth literacy, data mining, text mining, vulnerable and underserved population, , dementia,  online information seeking behaviors

So Hyun Park, PhD, Associate Professor
Research Areas: Childhood Obesity, Early Childhood, Family-centered Intervention, Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Promotion, Weight Management, Community-based Participatory Research, Health Disparities.

James Whyte, PhD, Professor
Research Areas: Cognitive aspects of human performance, acquisition of expertise for healthcare professionals, health disparities in minority communities, HIV, HRSA

Jing Wang, PhD, Dean and Professor
Research Areas: digital health, aging, clinical trials, lifestyle intervention, precision health, health equity, multiple chronic conditions

Frank ("Frankie") Y. Wong, PhD, Professor
Research Areas: HIV Disease Progression and Management, Migration and Health, Mental and Sexual Health among Sexual minorities, Substance Misuse, Integration of innovative behavioral/social science and clinical methodologies for studying the above topics




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