Susan P. Porterfield

Assistant Professor
Sue Porterfield

Contact Information

(850) 644-5621
(850) 644-7660
SCN 445

Dr. Porterfield is a family nurse practitioner and Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing, Florida State University. She is a generalist in her nursing career as she balances her research, clinical practice, teaching, and administrative duties with equal enthusiasm.

Her program of research focuses on a variety of areas. Her early research focused on exploring Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and the affect it had on women's health; knowledge and perceptive risk of getting HPV; is there a relationship between vertical transmission of HPV from mom to fetus and the relationship of HPV and cancer. More recent research includes disruptive clinician behavior and incivility in the workplace. An off shoot of the incivility research is compassion fatigue, burn out, and moral injury.

Dr. Porterfield is also the administrator for the Military & Veteran Mental Health Grant from the United Health Foundation. This three-year, $1.25 million partnership established a tailored curriculum to improve military and veteran care. This partnership has been instrumental in creating a new graduate-level Military & Veteran Mental Health Certificate program, two annual Military & Veteran focused conferences, and a mental health workshop to community-based providers to receive training in military cultural competency and evidence-based approaches for treating issues more commonly seen among those with military service.

As a nurse practitioner, she currently works with the Florida Health Department Correctional Medical Authority to conduct physical health survey in Florida Prisons. Prior to that she worked at the FSU Wellness Center and in multiple rural settings caring for the underserved population. In addition, she coordinates with the Leon County Special Olympic liaison to conduct sports physicals. She has been instrumental in conducting successful clinics for the Special Olympic athletes but also the FSU College of Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner students.


PhD, University of Florida
MSN, Florida State University
MSHRMD, Chapman University, Orange ,CA
BSN, Minot State University, Minot, ND
BA, Western State College, Gunnison, CO


Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified, ARNP


College of Nursing, Nurse Excellence Award, Capital Regional Medical Center (2010).
Outstanding Graduate Teaching and Research Award, Sigma Theta Tau International, Omicron.
Tau Chapter, North Dakota (2007).
University Undergraduate Teaching Award, Florida State University (2007).


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