Jessica Wyckoff



Practice Norms and Perceived Benefits of Dermoscopy Among Dermatology Health Care Providers in the Clinical Setting

Primary Investigator: Jessica WycKoff, BSN, RN 

Purpose: Dermoscopy is a method of differentiating a lesion as either potentially benign or malignant by examining the morphologic features using a handheld device. This project seeks to investigate the practice norms and perceived benefits among dermatology healthcare providers (DHP) working in the clinical setting.  

Methods: This project is a cross-sectional study utilizing an anonymous investigator developed survey to collect data from DHP’s throughout the United States. A total of 333 survey invitations were sent out. Data on provider demographics, practice norms and perceived benefits and barriers were presented in table format and evaluated using descriptive statistics. Statistical significance to determine if academic credentials correlate with dermoscopy use was determined with Chi Square test.  

Results: A total of 106 survey responses were collected and included for analysis. Physician assistants held the highest response rate. Dermoscopy use among DHPs in clinical practice was 88%. A Pearson’s Chi Square test of association shows there is no significant association between the educational degree a provider holds and dermoscopy utilization (Chi Square Value = 3.421, df= 4, and p-value of 0.490). 

Discussion: Results indicate that academic qualifications do not determine whether a dermatologic healthcare provider is more or less likely to utilize dermoscopy. Providers who more recently graduated were more likely to utilize dermoscopy. Dermatology healthcare providers also tend to perceive dermoscopy with a positive view. 

Conclusion: Dermoscopy is utilized in clinical practice within the United States less than those in other countries, but has increased over the years when compared to previous literature. Further research needs to be performed regarding the education that physician assistants and nurse practitioners receive during schooling or post-graduation regarding dermoscopy.  


Major Professor: Jolynn Greenhalgh DNP, APRN  



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