Susan Porterfield, PhD, FNP-c


PhD, University of Florida
MSN, Florida State University
BSN, Minot State University
MS, Chapman University
BA, Western State College


Research Program

Dr. Porterfield is a family nurse practitioner and educator whose program of research focuses on a variety of areas. Her early research focused on exploring Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) on the affect it had on women's health; knowledge and perceptive risk of getting HPV; is there a relationship between vertical transmission of HPV from mom to fetus and the relationship of HPV and cancer. More recent research includes disruptive clinician behavior and incivility in the workplace. She developed an online questionnaire to study whether disruptive clinician behavior exist in the healthcare setting. The response indicated that verbal abuse has the highest prevalence among nurses within the hospital setting. The second phase of this research is focused on who is responsible for the verbal abuse, who is it directed toward, and is anything being done to stop this abuse.



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Porterfield, S. (2015, January). Compassion Fatigue in Clergy. Workshop delivered at Interfaith Clergy Council, Tallahassee. (Local)

Porterfield, S. (presented 2014, October). Disruptive Behavior Among Staff in the Workplace. Presentation at 4th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector, Oud Consultancy, Miami, Florida. (International)

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