Glenna Schluck

Assistant in Research
Glenna Schluck

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SCN 104L
(850) 645-0699
(850) 644-7660


PhD, Statistics, Florida State University
MS, Statistics, Montana State University – Bozeman
BS, Mathematics, California State University – Bakersfield 



Glenna Schluck, PhD is the in-house statistician for the College of Nursing. She teaches Biostatistics and Methods of Nursing Research to students enrolled in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice program. While Dr. Schluck does not maintain her own program of research, she provides statistical support to faculty and students in the College. Her research projects have included topics such as emergency department utilization, heart failure self-care and depression, and health promotion in rural African American adults. These projects utilize a variety of statistical methods including descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analyses (including linear regression, logistic regression, and other appropriate methods for categorical data), and descriptive statistics for functional data. 



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