DNP PMH Clinical Clearance

Clinical Clearance:

As part of the Doctor of Nursing Practice in Psychiatric-Mental Health students are required to complete a total of 540 clinical hours. In order to start the clinical hours students must complete the clinical clearance process with COMPLIO. The cost of setting up the clinical clearance with COMPLIO is $174 and all students must have an account with COMPLIO, no exceptions. The Office of Student Services in the College of Nursing insures that each student is cleared to go into the clinical setting.



Students will work with the Program and Clinical Coordinators to secure preceptors for the program.  All preceptor forms are submitted to the Clinical Coordinator and are approved by the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs. Preceptors can be MD, PA, APRN, psychologist, and social workers that work in the proper setting to gain the required experience.

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