Research Events 2019

All presentations will occur on Thursdays 11 am - 12 noon
Room 470 in the College of Nursing
Organized by the Nursing Research Office





Jan 10

Dr. Glenna Schluck

Effective Collaboration Between Nurse Scientists and Biostatisticians

Jan 31

Dr. Jessica Bahorski

Parental self-efficacy, feeding, and weight gain during infancy

Feb 14

Dr. Shamra Boel-Studt

Therapeutic residential care: Addressing the gaps to meet the needs of the most vulnerable foster youth

Feb 28

Dr. Tom Joiner

Why People Die by Suicide

March 14

Dr. Graham J McDougall

Memory Training plus Yoga

March 28

Dr. Jean-Pierre Pascal

Chronic diseases, brain and cognitive dysfunction: A multimodal integrative assessment and treatment approach

April 11

Dr. Laurie Abbott

Mitigating Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Rural Diabetics

April 25

Dr. So Hyun Park

Research Trajectory of Childhood Obesity

Aug 29 Dr. Scott Pickett Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia
Sept 12 Dr. Glenna Schluck Moving Beyond p < .05
Sept 26 Dr. Mandy Bamber Distress, Quality of Life, Immune Function, and Aortic Hemodynamics in Caregivers of Children with Ongoing Medical Conditions
Oct 17 Dr. Panagiotis Koutakis Myopathy of Peripheral Artery Disease Room 104 B
Oct 31 Dr. Penny Ralston Church-Based Interventions to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Nov 21 Dr. Lucinda Graven Research Trajectory in Heart Failure Science
Dec 5 Dr. Sabrina Dickey Prostate Cancer Disclosure Among African American Men
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