Research Events 2020

All presentations will occur on Thursdays 11 am - 12 noon
Organized by the Nursing Research Office

2020 Research Events





January 30

Drs. Jeffrey Joyce & Sylvie Naar-College of Medicine

K Scholar Award Initiative at FSU




February 13

Dr. Anne Barrett
Sociology and Claude Pepper Public Policy Institute

World Is Aging:  Should You Care?




March 5

Dr. Russell Almond
Measurement & Statistics in the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems

Using Evidence-Centered Assessment Design to Measure Patients’ State





Dr. Lauren Porter
Florida Department of Public Health

The BRFSS project and available resources.




**cancelled** Dr. Mai Kung
College of Nursing
The 2020 Legislative Session: Advance Practice Updates
**cancelled** Dr. Erin Ingvalson
Communication Disorders
Supporting Communication for Older Adults




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