Centers and Labs


Florida State University is one of the nation's elite research universities. The College of Nursing conducts high quality evidenced-based research and is fully equipped for a project of any size.

Centers, Institutes, and Labs within the College of Nursing (CON) provide a framework for research and scholarly activities. The FSU CON houses three nursing research centers: the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Center for Research and Evidenced-Based Practice, the Center of Population Sciences for Health Equity, the Brain Science and Symptom Management Center, and a Digital Health Lab. CON is is the prime awardee for the Florida First National Institutes of Health U54 grant that works to increase diversity in health research. 

  • The Digital Health Lab works to support the use of remote monitoring technology as an innovative tool to engage and support healthcare professionals on resilience training through health/stress/sleep/activity monitoring.

  • The Brain Science and Symptom Management Center offers a nonpharmacological approach to pain care using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). Lab studies focus on combined therapies, tDCS with mindfulness meditation for knee osteoarthritis pain in older adults to improve self-management of pain. Lab research aims to enhance health and independence in older adults using innovative technologies to optimize pain and symptom management.

  • TMH Center for Research and Evidence-Based Practice (TMH-CREBP)  is a cornerstone of CON's research program and supports collaboration with practicing healthcare professionals and researchers from all fields to improve patient outcomes and public health. The TMH Center for Research and Evidence-Based Practice has a full-time statistician located within the center who has expertise in longitudinal, multi-group statistical analyses and is proficient in using multiple statistical software programs. The statistician is available for consultation regarding research design and data analysis as it relates to this project. Telephone and video-conferencing equipment and programs are available in each of the research team member’s offices and a designated office space for federally funded research is available within the TMH-CREBP. There is also a dedicated file room to store study-related documents and participant files. Monthly career development seminars are held within the TMH-CREBP and include topics such as writing for high-impact journals, authorship, obtaining external funding, and data management, among others. The TMH-CREBP  supports writing-groups and journal clubs to enhance dissemination and encourage collaboration among research faculty.

  • Center of Population Sciences for Health Equity (C-PHSE) is a chartered center by the Board of Governors of the Florida State University System. Its mission is to lead and implement community engaged, scientific, operational research and practice using principles and tools of population sciences that promote health equity among marginalized, underserved, and vulnerable populations both nationally and internationally.