Carli Culjat Announces Candidacy for President-Elect of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

Florida State University’s College of Nursing Associate Professor Dr. Carli Culjat has officially declared her candidacy for president-elect of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN). With a distinguished career as an early-career researcher, maintaining an active practice as a nurse practitioner in the Emergency Department, and a profound dedication to advancing healthcare literacy in underserved communities, Dr. Culjat brings a wealth of expertise and passion for her candidacy.


"We are proud of Dr. Culjat as she takes a bold step forward being named a candidate for president-elect of NAHN,” said Jing Wang, dean of the Florida State University College of Nursing. “With the significant shortage of nurses both in the U.S. and the state of Florida, Dr. Culjat exemplifies nursing leadership and excellence on the national level and serves as a role model for our current and future nursing students. The preeminence of our distinguished Florida State University faculty such as Dr. Culjat, is setting a remarkable standard for our nursing profession.”


In her role as a national board member and treasurer of NAHN, Dr. Culjat has already demonstrated her leadership and dedication to uplifting the Hispanic community. Her previous research endeavors with NAHN have centered on promoting literacy and preventative cancer care within Hispanic populations.


“Healthcare disparities persist, particularly within minority and underserved communities,” says Dr. Culjat. “I am dedicated to leveraging my expertise and experience to drive meaningful change within NAHN, to make sure our community receives the culturally competent care and the support they deserve.”


At FSU’s College of Nursing, Dr. Culjat is deeply engaged in the Florida FIRST Program, where she conducts research on health literacy. Her efforts specifically focus on enhancing communication strategies and distributing vital health information effectively, particularly within the Hispanic/Latino communities and rural populations. Her commitment to improving health outcomes through accessible information dissemination has garnered her national recognition, most recently being named a Distinguished Fellow by the National Academies of Practice.


Dr. Culjats’ candidacy represents a pivotal moment for NAHN as the organization continues its mission to advocate for Hispanic nurses and improve healthcare outcomes within Hispanic communities.


As she moves forward in her career, Dr. Culjat invites the support and engagement of NAHN members and stakeholders in advocating for equity and excellence in healthcare for all.