Student Resources

Our students represent the next generation of nurse leaders who will confront global health issues to create positive change within healthcare and communities.

We take our responsibility in your education seriously and aim to provide the necessary resources to ensure success! 


The College of Nursing provides additional lab time to improve student success when they need assistance with areas of the curriculum and to make up missed labs due to illness, quarantine, or prior approved absences. Complete the Student Success Skills Lab Referral process to request. Students can make self-referral. 


Reading-Writing Center

The Florida State University Reading-Writing Center (RWC) is an inclusive resource for FSU students of all majors, programs, and backgrounds. Whether you are working on a project, a paper, or any range of writing, the RWC-DS is excited to assist you in any stage of your work process.


FSU Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs’ website offers information for new students about campus life at FSU, health and wellness, academics, cultural/identity/spirituality, and engagement/involvement and career planning.


Center for Leadership and Social Change

The Center offers numerous volunteer experiences for students. Students can be linked with community agencies providing service opportunities that match each student’s schedule and interests. The Center also offers numerous resources related to service and leadership.


FSU Career Center

The FSU Career Center provides comprehensive career services to students, alumni, employers, faculty/staff, and other members of the FSU community.


Student Government Association

SGA provides FSU students with representation, service, and advocacy within the university structure. SGA also provides quality leadership for and accountability to its constituency by recognizing that strength arises from engagement and dialogue.


University Health Services

The UHS provides a variety of medical and support services available for students, faculty, and staff.


University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center is a welcoming and confidential place that offers various counseling services to students, faculty, staff, and parents.


FSU Campus Recreation

FSU Campus Recreation offers programs and services to move people toward wellness, including fitness, recreation sports, and outdoor adventure opportunities.


Oglesby Student Union

The Oglesby Student Union offers programs and services to the university community, including entertainment, events, food and retail, and other services.


Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

ACE is a university learning center focused on helping students develop study skills and successful habits necessary in a large university setting and valued by future employers.