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Dr. Geraldine Martorella’s experience as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in surgical and trauma care informed her understanding of patients experiencing chronic pain and those at risk of developing chronic pain. It was this unanticipated outcome of recovery that ignited her interest in the development and evaluation of a novel intervention to prevent chronic pain. Her intervention targets individual psychosocial and biological risk factors such as cognitions, coping behaviors and gender, to facilitate empowerment of patients and pain self-management. more


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Heart health education can positively influence underserved, rural populations

Laurie Abbott, an assistant professor in the College of Nursing, found significant improvements in food-related behaviors associated with cardiovascular health by African-American participants from rural northern Florida counties after they completed a six-week intervention that addressed major cardiovascular disease risk factors. The study, published in the journal Health Education Research, examined the results from an earlier cluster randomized trial with a secondary data analysis. more

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Dr. Melessa Kelley

 Congratulations to Dr. Melessa Kelley on her selection as a “Fellow” for the 2019 IHART2 Indigenous HIV/AIDS Research Training Program beginning March 1, 2019.

The IHART2 fellowship offers up to $20,000 in pilot project development seed funding and/or course buy-out; funds to attend conferences, workshops and professional training opportunities; mentors experienced in the field of HIV/AIDS research and/or cultural mentorship; access to editorial, statistical, and behavioral science expertise and consultants at the University of Washington; and online support via the IHART2 Web site 

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