from Graham J. McDougall, Associate Dean, Research

Welcome to the College of Nursing’s Office of Research.  Located on the first floor of Vivian M. Duxbury Hall, the Office of Research offers many resources to assist faculty with their scholarly activities. Some of the resources available to support faculty include statistical services for research projects, grant preparation and review services, faculty mentoring and development, and off-site nursing research consultation by email and/or video conferencing. 

The College of Nursing’s research efforts emphasize Health Disparities with the goal of achieving Health Equity. To realize this goal and conduct meaningful research that will make a difference, we utilize two conceptual frameworks to provide focus and guide our research activities. The first Framework is The Culture of Health Action Framework, developed in 2015 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), focuses on improving the health and well-being of all Americans by supporting mobilization for collective change. 

The framework specifically focuses on four areas: 
1) Making health a shared value
2) Fostering cross-sector collaboration to improve well-being 
3) Creating healthier, more equitable communities
4) Strengthening the integration of health services and systems

FSU Nursing RWJF Culture of Health Action Framework.jpg
RWJF (2015). Culture of Health Action Framework.
 The second Framework is the National Institute for Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Framework (NIMHD).


 FSU Nursing NIMHD Research Framework.jpg
Anderson, N.B. (1998). Levels of analysis in health science. A framework for integrating sociobehavioral and biomedical research

The Office of Research is here to support faculty researchers and offers the following services to guide faculty in their scholarly works.
Services provided by the Office of the Associate Dean for Research include: 
1.    Serving as a liaison between College of Nursing faculty and the FSU Office of Research.
2.    Administering the College of Nursing Research Infrastructure grant.
3.    Consulting with faculty and students regarding internal and external grant funding opportunities.
4.    Coordinating the preparation of materials for internal and external grant applications with the grants' compliance analyst in the College of Nursing.
5.    Mentoring junior and pre-tenured faculty members to facilitate the development and implementation of their programs of research.  
6.    Consulting and recommending opportunities for faculty to disseminate their research.  
7.    Coordinating and fostering interdisciplinary research collaborations between College of Nursing faculty, colleges/departments across campus, research centers, and community stakeholders.
8.    Statistical support for faculty and students, including grant preparation (funded and unfunded), presentations, and published scholarly works.
9.    Consulting with faculty and students regarding applications to the Human Subjects Committee.
10.    Coordinating bi-weekly nursing research seminars.
11.    Reviewing grant proposals for external submissions.
12.    Organizing and facilitating mock reviews before submission.


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