Strategic Plan

The College of Nursing's strategic directions are:

  • By Fall 2016, implement a suite of nursing education programs that equip nurses to meet the needs of a dynamic and rapidly evolving health care system.
  • By Fall 2017, implement a unique PhD in Nursing program.
  • By Fall 2017, significantly increase the College of Nursing (CON) capacity for funded research and its scholarly application.
  • Be in a position by Fall 2016, to significantly engage in collaborative work within FSU and with our community partners to promote the goals of research, scholarship, inter- professionalism and community service.


I am confident we have chosen the right areas of focus for us for the next three years. I am committing my unwavering support as we work together to achieve success in our plan. We will review our process on an annual basis and faculty will meet to assess new internal and external conditions to ensure that our strategic plan remains meaningful and relevant. Strategy is about establishing direction, passion and momentum. We are already on the right road. Now we must travel and navigate forward together. The complete College of Nursing Strategic Plan is available here.

Judith McFetridge-Durdle, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
Florida State University

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