Financial Aid, Bright Futures, & Scholarships


The list of scholarships and financial support available to students attending FSU is extensive!

Students are encouraged to explore sources of support through FSU as well as sources external to the College and University.

 FSU Office of Financial Aid

The types of financial aid available to students at Florida State University are numerous. For information and a complete listing of financial aid programs visit:

FSU Financial Aid

FAQs for Financial Aid

Can I receive financial aid during the summer semester?

Yes, students can receive financial aid during the summer. To apply and receive financial aid for the summer you must submit a 2023-2024 FASFA and be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours. Aid will be prorated at the appropriate rate for students attending part time (less than 12 hours).

More detail can be found at the following link: Summer- Terms and Conditions


All scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to separately complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through the FSU Office of Financial Aid.

All scholarships are now available at FS4U and nursing scholarship applications are available from February 1 through May 20.

FS4U Scholarships

Other private scholarships available to FSU students are available through Student Business Services

Please note: The award of scholarship money from the College of Nursing may reduce other awards and loans, or the direct receipt of the money to the student.

Bright Futures Information 

FAQs for Bright Futures

Can I receive Bright Futures during the summer semester?

Yes, students who meet the Bright Futures Eligibility Requirements and are enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during the summer semester are eligible to receive disbursements per their specific Bright Futures award. Please note, Bright Futures does not cover excess credit hour surcharges during any semester. 

If you are enrolled in less than 6 credit hours during the summer, but have applied for graduation, Bright Futures may pay for the hours required to graduate (up to 6 hours).

Will Bright Futures cover tuition if I have over 120 credit hours?

The Bright Future scholarship covers 120 credit hours, which is equivalent to the duration of the BSN program. However, if you exceed this total due to major changes, dual degrees or being off map, etc., you can complete a Bright Futures Extension Form to request an extension which you can complete on your own and then email to Anna Stine, Academic Program Specialist at ( for a signature or you can come to the Office of Student Services, Suite 104, to have this form completed. The CON does not approve or deny the extension request, this is done by the Bright Futures program. Please note, requests for extensions beyond 6 hours are not typically granted. The link to the form is below. 

Helpful Resources 

Bright Futures

Bright Futures Extension Form

Financial Success

Financial Literacy

Office of Financial Aid Checklist

FS4U Internal Scholarship Application

 **This is general information. There are specific, individual factors that may impact your aid and/or scholarships. For personal assistance, please email Anna Stine, Academic Program Specialist at to schedule an appointment or drop by her office in Student Services, 104U.


There are some assistantship opportunities available for Ph.D. and DNP students. Ph.D. students should reach out to Dr. James Whyte ( to learn more about assistantship opportunities, and DNP students should contact Dr. LeeAnn Barfield ( about assistantships.