FSU College of Nursing Celebrates Dr. Jie Chen as 2023 Toffler Scholar Awardee


Dr. Jie Chen

The Florida State University College of Nursing proudly announces Jie Chen, PhD, RN, as the recipient of the 2023 Toffler Scholar Award, sponsored by the Karen Toffler Charitable Trust.

Dr. Jie Chen, an Assistant Professor at the FSU College of Nursing and an investigator at the FSU Brain Science & Symptom Management Center, has been recognized for his pioneering research in the field of pain management. His long-term goal is to develop a precision pain self-management program for older adults by exploring the "Gut-Brain Axis (GBA)" and the impact of meditation on low back pain in older adults.

Under the project title, "Mindfulness-based Meditation for Older Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain based on the Gut-Brain Axis: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial," Dr. Chen is embarking on a groundbreaking pilot study. His research aims to investigate the effects of mindfulness-based meditation (MBM) on reducing pain and symptoms among older adults suffering from chronic low back pain while shedding light on how MBM influences the Gut-Brain Axis.

Dr. Chen's journey to this achievement is inspiring. Hailing from a small village in central China, he overcame challenges to become an Assistant Professor at the Florida State University College of Nursing. His work addresses the pressing issue of effective pain management, providing hope for patients experiencing chronic pain and seeking alternatives to conventional treatments.

When asked about the next steps after this pilot study, Dr. Chen shared, "This Toffler Scholar Program will allow me to conduct a pilot randomized controlled trial to test the feasibility and impact of meditation for managing chronic low back pain among older adults and identify the mechanisms of meditation intervention on the Gut-Brain Axis (GBA). Preliminary data generated from this project will lead to an R01 application to deliver the meditation intervention by conducting a large-scale randomized controlled trial."

The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust's investment in Dr. Chen's research is a significant step towards advancing pain management. This support allows Dr. Chen to explore the benefits of meditation for patients and may lead to broader applications, offering more options for pain management.

Dr. Jie Chen's work highlights the transformative potential of research, and his commitment to improving healthcare is commendable. The Florida State University College of Nursing celebrates his outstanding contributions to the field of pain management and eagerly anticipates the impact of his research on healthcare.