FSU Nursing Students Conduct Health Screenings at Tallahassee Senior Center's Fall Health and Wellness Fair

The Tallahassee Senior Center buzzed with enthusiasm and health consciousness during its recent Fall Health and Wellness Fair, where FSU Nursing Students took center stage in promoting well-being within the community.

Led by Associate Professor Sabrina L. Dickey, Ph.D., MSN, RN, the students orchestrated a range of initiatives aimed at fostering health awareness and providing essential screenings. Alongside several participating organizations, including the FSU College of Medicine and Florida Blue, the event catered to various health needs of the attendees.

One standout feature was the development of educational brochures by students from Dr. Dickey's community clinical groups. These brochures focused on essential topics like sleep health, medication management, blood pressure management, and the significance of exercise and healthy eating.

Moreover, the students actively engaged attendees by providing crucial blood pressure screenings and disseminating knowledge through interactive sessions. Services such as haircuts, alongside diverse health screenings, were available, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

Expressing gratitude for the collaborative effort of the participating organizations, Dr. Dickey emphasized the students' commitment to community health. Their dedication and contributions truly exemplified the essence of altruism and healthcare professionalism.

 The event's success reflected not only the students' passion for healthcare but also the   community’s eagerness to prioritize their well-being. The FSU Nursing Students left an   indelible mark, fostering a healthier tomorrow through their unwavering dedication today.