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Sarah Luce

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Dr. Luce is a passionate provider with a diverse health care background and demonstrated business acumen. Enthusiastic about quality and progressive patient care, she has had the privilege of serving a myriad of patients with unique health needs in a variety of specialties (family medicine, orthopedics, trauma, OR, otolaryngology, allergy, and functional (lifestyle) medicine). Most recently, Dr. Luce serves as Founder and Provider for Good Medicine, a functional medicine clinic with a one-for-one platform.

Special interests include family medicine, functional medicine, health care accessibility, food sensitivities, vaccinomics, gastric microbiota, immunotherapy, hormone balancing, endocrine disorders, autoimmune problems, disequilibrium, and fall prevention.

Dr. Luce is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner through the AANP and ANCC accrediting bodies and is licensed through the Florida Board of Nursing. Dr. Luce is also involved in several practice-specific professional organizations – the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners, Florida Nurse Practitioner Network, the Manatee Area Council of Advanced Nursing Practice and board member for the Sarasota County Nurse Practitioner group.

When Dr. Luce is not caring her clients or teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, medical missions (both locally and abroad), community outreach, and travel.