Donations & Fundraising

Our students, the communities we serve, and the opportunities we provide are possible because of the support from our partnerships, our alumni, and our amazing friends and supporters.  Whether your personal gift is annual, endowed, or planned you can give online ( or by mail via credit card, check, a planned gift, or stock. We also accept gifts from corporations and foundations.

Ways to Give

Gifts to the college, while varied in purpose, ultimately help increase the number of well-educated nurses in the State of Florida and the national workforce. With your generous support, the college will be able to continue to invest in excellent programs, recruit faculty members, support students, bolster research and respond to changing demands of the nursing industry.  


Fundraising Priorities

The College of Nursing has identified priorities that will provide our students with an innovative nursing education and support so they can participate in nursing’s new vision to create a culture of health and wellness while reducing health disparities and improving the health and well-being of our nation in the 21st century. 

Dean's Challenge: Endow a Professorship, Invest in Our Future

Inspired by the College of Nursing's commitment to be among the nation's best, Dean Jing Wang announced a historic goal at the 2024 Nole Nurse Shining Stars Gala—endow FIVE new professorships!

This is your opportunity to make a lasting impact. Endowed professorships provide critical, permanent funding to attract and retain top faculty, ensuring the college can deliver exceptional education for future generations of nurses.

For more information about endowing a professorship, please email Colette Podgorski at

Click here to learn more about the College's vision and achievements in our inspiring video, Boldly Rising

Direct Student Support Fundraising Opportunities 

Through our College of Nursing Scholarship Fund (F04564) you are able to help provide scholarships to our students which help cover tuition and fees.

Our College of Nursing Student Uniforms Fund (F08903) supports the purchase of a uniform kit for each of our students as they enter the program. Uniform kits for students include 1 lab coat, 2 scrub tops and bottoms, 1 nametag, and 1 polo. These kits cost the College of Nursing about $155 per student. 

Learning Environment Support Fundraising Opportunities 

You can support new technology and enhancements to our simulation labs by donating to the College of Nursing Simulation Laboratory Fund (F07983S). This fund supports the development and procurement of the newest and most innovative technology for our program.

Our College of Nursing General Development Fund (F04552) which supports the overall enhancement of our curriculum and programming for student success.

For assistance with donations and gifts please reach out to 

Checks should be payable to: The FSU Foundation Memo College of Nursing Fund #______ 325 West College Ave Tallahassee, FL, 32301